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What We Will Cover In The Event...

  • The Most In-Demand Skill in IT

    Discover the most 'in-demand' skill in IT and why it is becoming more and more popular for folks who are seeking 6-figure incomes.

  • Guaranteed 6-Figure Income

    Why are companies like Google, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon etc paying 6 figures to people with this skillset even if they are complete beginners?

  • Get Hired Without Prior Experience

    How you can acquire this skill and get hired in a matter of a few weeks, even without prior IT experience or an IT degree.

  • Simple Step by Step Framework 

    Learn the framework for acquiring this skill and getting hired in a matter of just a few weeks, even without any prior IT experience or an IT degree.

Lanre Dabiri

Meet Your Host

Lanre is an accomplished agile transformation expert with extensive experience using agile principles to inspire, develop, implement, and relentlessly optimize end-to-end solutions that transform organizations and significantly improve business agility. 

 A certified agile coach and trainer, Lanre has trained and coached thousands of agile practitioners all over the world and has built a reputation as one of the best agile trainers in the professional agile community. He has been described by many of his students and mentees as a caring professional with a tireless commitment to student learning. Lanre believes in the success of his students and is committed to every program graduate's success, beyond the program.

I went from working as an administrative assistant at a small business to a scrum master at a Fortune 100 organization in a matter of weeks! This program saved my life, literally!

Satish Kumar

He was able to articulate the entire framework in the time allotted and he gave apt, relatable examples that clearly elicited subject matter expertise. He was extremely patient and ready to dissect each subject matter till the whole class was well grounded. I can confidently attest that this is the best training I have attended yet.

Lateefah Giwa

I was working part time earning minimum wage. I knew I had the potential for so much more but wasn't sure what to do. I went through the program and in no time I was interviewing for jobs that were more than 5 times my rate. Now I earn more than enough for myself and my family and I have a career that I am proud of.

George Campbell

Mr. Dabiri is a great trainer and an excellent communicator. Coming from a digital marketing background, I was initially very nervous but he did an excellent job of communicating in an easy to understand and practical manner. In less than 2 weeks, he taught me the Scrum framework which became the launchpad for my new career as a product owner.

Mola Tucker

As a recent immigrant to the US, I was working as an admin assistant but was seriously looking to improve my situation. I discovered the program and signed up for the training. During the training, Lanre  provided hands-on support and was always available to answer questions. We had classes weekly but I could reach out to him any day and at any time if I had questions. I am currently a product manager and super thankful for the opportunity. 

Jumoke A.

It is Rare to come across an Agile Coach of Lanre’s capabilities in getting anyone regardless of academic and professional backgrounds from ground-zero to top performing agile practitioner in the shortest possible time. As an Agile Coach and Trainer, Lanre earns my highest recommendations. You would be doing your career a disservice if you’re not a part of one of his training sessions.

Femi B.